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Tigersnus - Peppermint

Sale price145,000.00 IDR
Due to unexpected policy changes regarding shipping of tobacco products by our trusted shipping partners, we are temporarily not accepting international orders on this product.

Some like it fresh and so do we! Our peppermint flavoured snus will keep your breath fresh and talk smooth. Mix it with a cold drink, company of your friends and some sunshine by the ocean - and your experience will be complete! Say good bye to that horrible tobacco-breath... Swoosh!

Our special organically grown tobacco mix in little carefully packed portion sized bags. The strong and classic tobacco flavor comes from our carefully selected signature strains grown organically in Indonesia.

Each pack (tin) contains 24 portion sized bags of approximately 0.8 grams each. 

The nicotine content of TIGERSNUS is ~16mg/g.

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Tigersnus - Peppermint
Tigersnus - Peppermint Sale price145,000.00 IDR