Ethics & Sustainability

At TIGERSNUS we believe in producing locally sourced, organically grown tobacco of the highest quality.

As the first Indonesian snus tobacco company, we strive to lead the way and ensure that our product is of the best quality, and has a reduced impact on the environment, whilst meeting our vision to help people to quit smoking or to even stop using tobacco products entirely.

To be the leading snus company in Asia, we understand that we need to do things differently. Most tobacco companies aren't known exactly for doing good; so we want to stand out in a positive way.

Our approach to conducting business is sustainable and environmentally conscious. By following a set of practices, and by training all our staff to act accordingly also, we strive to be a standout company in the field of tobacco industry for sustainability, environment friendliness, and ethical way of conducting business.   


sustainable tobacco company tigersnus


Environmentally Conscious and Sustainable Practices

Our sustainability practices are founded on the principles of community and responsibility. Through these principles, we cover the following areas – public health, ethical business, clean, organic farming, reducing waste, saving the tigers – areas where we believe we have the ability to directly or indirectly influence meaningful outcomes or where adverse developments could have a negative impact on our businesses.

We believe in delivering you an organically grown and sustainably crafted smokeless tobacco product with minimal negative impact on the environment.


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Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics represents the commitment of TIGERSNUS and of all of our employees to conduct business activities in a responsible manner and consistent with applicable laws and all the local regulations. The Code of Ethics consists of a number of topics related to the following four areas: our people, our business, our environment, and our workplace.


Our People - Employment and labour practices

TIGERSNUS respects its employees and their human rights. We support internationally proclaimed human rights conventions and guidelines wherever we operate. Our policy on human rights and employment practices is based on local and international labor laws, recommended practices and guidelines. We believe in treating all our employees respectfully, paying them a fair wage, and making sure they are not working excessive hours.

  • We respect, support and fully observe international human and labor rights in all the countries we operate in.
  • We are very committed to maintaining a workplace free of harassment and discrimination. We want all our staff to feel appreciated at work.
  • We make employment-related decisions based on objective and non-discriminatory criteria.
  • We believe that happy employees = happy customers. 
  • We do not accept child labor.


tigersnus organic tobacco farmer


Our Environment - Practices and internal procedures

TIGERSNUS promotes sound changes reducing environmental impacts caused by our operations and we encourage our employees to be conscious and proactive in minimizing these impacts. We undertake programs to continuously improve our environmental performance.

  • Important environmental aspects (Reduce our Carbon Footprint and Reduce Waste) are specifically identified as focus areas within our sustainability efforts.
  • We believe in fighting deforestation - which is a big problem all around the world, especially in South-East Asia. 
  • We always strive to comply with mandatory legal requirements for all activities and processes carried out on TIGERSNUS’ sites.
  • We shall regularly review our operations with a view towards energy conservation and minimizing adverse impacts on the environment.
  • We regularly monitor and measure all environmentally significant emissions to water, air and land, endeavoring to continuously improve our environmental performance.
  • We encourage greater eco-efficiency in all our facilities, e.g. to minimize ecological damage while maximizing efficiency in all our production processes.




Our workplace - Practices and important procedures

TIGERSNUS is committed to responsible and safe practices and procedures in all business activities both on the job and in the workplace. We promote a working environment with high standards of ethics, hygiene and morale, where our employees respect and care for one another as well as the environment.

  • We promote the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees.
  • We strive for a safe and secure working environment.
  • We focus on and invest in developing our employees’ skills and talents.
  • We are cost and carbon emission conscious when traveling.
  • We communicate with our stakeholders clearly and promptly, while safeguarding any confidential information.
  • We maintain accurate and complete business records and reports.
  • We will always consult our legal departments on matters that likely have the potential for any legal risks.