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Stoked to go smokeless

Ethics & Sustainability

At TIGERSNUS, our commitment to ethics and sustainability is at the core of our operations.

We firmly believe in producing locally sourced, organically grown snus of the highest quality, and other smokeless alternatives. As the pioneering Indonesian snus company, we lead the way by ensuring that our products not only meet the highest standards of quality but also have a reduced impact on the environment. Our vision is to by helping people quit smoking or, ideally, by ceasing them using tobacco products altogether, create a world where no one has to suffer from second hand smoke.

Ethics & Sustainability

A Commitment to Positive Distinction

Recognizing the common perceptions of the tobacco industry, we are dedicated to setting ourselves apart in a positive way. Our approach to conducting business revolves around sustainability and environmental consciousness. Through a set of principles and comprehensive staff training, we aim to be a standout company in the snus and smokeless product industry, known for our dedication to sustainability, environmental friendliness, and ethical business practices.

Ethics & Sustainability

Environmentally Conscious and Sustainable Practices

Our sustainability practices revolve around the principles of community and responsibility, addressing key areas such as public health, ethical business, clean and organic farming, waste reduction, and the preservation of rainforests and other tiger habitats. We are dedicated to delivering organically grown and/or sustainably crafted smokeless products with minimal negative impact on the environment.

organically grown tigersnus snus tobacco from indonesia

Ethics & Sustainability

Code of Ethics

Our Code of Ethics symbolizes the shared commitment of Tigersnus and all our employees to conducting business responsibly, adhering to all applicable laws and local regulations. It encompasses three key areas:

Ethics & Sustainability

Our People - Employment and Labor Practices

We hold the utmost respect for our employees and their human rights. We endorse international human rights conventions and guidelines wherever we operate. Our employment practices are firmly rooted in local and international labor laws, recommended practices, and guidelines. We prioritize respectful treatment, fair wages, and reasonable working hours for our employees, ensuring a workplace free from harassment and discrimination. We do not tolerate child labor.

Ethics & Sustainability

Our Environment - Practices and Internal Procedures

Tigersnus actively promotes environmental responsibility by minimizing the environmental impacts of our operations. We encourage our employees to be environmentally conscious and proactive. Our efforts include reducing our carbon footprint, minimizing waste, and taking a strong stance against deforestation. We consistently comply with mandatory legal requirements, and champion eco-efficiency across our facilities.

Ethics & Sustainability

Our Workplace - Practices and Important Procedures

Tigersnus is unwavering in its commitment to responsible and safe practices in all business activities, both in the workplace and on the job. We foster a working environment characterized by high ethical standards, hygiene, and employee well-being. Safety, health, and skill development are paramount. We are diligent in managing costs and carbon emissions during travel, maintaining clear and confidential communications with stakeholders, and upholding legal compliance at all times.