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Tigersnus - OriginalTigersnus - Original
Tigersnus - Original Sale price145,000.00 IDR
Tigersnus - PeppermintTigersnus - Peppermint
Tigersnus - Peppermint Sale price145,000.00 IDR
Tigersnus - CloveTigersnus - Clove
Tigersnus - Clove Sale price145,000.00 IDR
Sold outTigersnus Zero - Nordic Frost - 16mgTigersnus Zero - Nordic Frost - 16mg
Tigersnus Zero - Nordic Frost - 16mg Sale price89,000.00 IDR
Sold outTigersnus Zero - Glacial Mint - 16mgTigersnus Zero - Glacial Mint - 16mg
Tigersnus Zero - Glacial Mint - 16mg Sale price89,000.00 IDR
Sold outTigersnus Zero - Zesty Citrus - 16mgTigersnus Zero - Zesty Citrus - 16mg
Tigersnus Zero - Zesty Citrus - 16mg Sale price89,000.00 IDR
Tigersnus Zero - Brussels Buzz - 16mgTigersnus Zero - Brussels Buzz - 16mg
Tigersnus Zero - Frosty Mint - 10mgTigersnus Zero - Frosty Mint - 10mg
Tigersnus Zero - Frosty Mint - 10mg Sale price89,000.00 IDR


At TIGERSNUS, our vision is to create sustainable and environmentally friendly products that empower individuals to quit smoking. We are deeply committed to offering high-quality smokeless alternatives while actively minimizing our environmental footprint and upholding organic integrity whenever possible.

Our steadfast belief is in producing smokeless products underpinned by a commitment to responsible business practices. By providing smokeless alternatives, we are actively contributing to the enhancement of public spaces and the establishment of smoke-free societies, thus ensuring that non-smokers are shielded from the detrimental effects of secondhand smoke.