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We at Tigersnus want our passion towards smokeless products to also show in the quality of our snus.

organically grown tigersnus snus tobacco from indonesia


We know what we produce

We meticulously oversee the entire production process, from the inception of a small seedling to the moment you hold a Tigersnus Organics tin in your hands, ensuring that the quality of our product remains consistently high.

Our snus is finely crafted from start to finish, and we firmly believe that the additional effort invested in upholding quality throughout the entire production cycle positions us to deliver the finest organic snus and tobacco-free nicotine pouches available anywhere.


Quality You Can Trust

From our continuous pursuit of testing and product improvements, local sourcing, and the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials, to our dedication to organic cultivation methods and the selection of only the finest leaves for the tobacco we grow ourselves, we strive to offer a unique product that sets us apart from other tobacco and nicotine pouch producing companies.

Our products come with a guaranteed satisfaction

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with our product, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your feedback is invaluable to us. Ensuring that our product maintains the highest quality and that our customers are fully content is our utmost priority.


Shop genuine only

When shopping for Tigersnus products, remember to only shop with companies you know are selling our genuine products. Only purchase our snus from our official online shop or trusted retailers. Regrettably, there have been instances where subpar quality snus was offered under the Tigersnus name through unauthorized channels, including a Russian online shop. We urge you to be aware of counterfeit products and kindly report any suspected fraudulent use of the Tigersnus brand. Trust in Tigersnus for quality that you can rely on.

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