About Us


TIGERSNUS... We wanted to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly tobacco product that would help people smoke less or even quit smoking entirely. Development of our recipe began in 2014, and we have since come a long way. Now our organic smokeless tobacco is available for purchase internationally via our online shop, and from a variety of retailers. 

tiger snus organically grown smokeless tobacco

Based out of Indonesia, we are the first Indonesian smokeless snus tobacco company. Being in Indonesia, a country with a very long tobacco growing tradition, we are able to produce TIGERSNUS out of some of the finest strains and hand-selected leaves.

We want to offer tobacco smokers, not only in Indonesia and in Asia, but world-wide, a healthier alternative to cigarettes and help them go smokeless. We believe that snus is a better option for you and the people around you than smoking is. We also give back to the local communities and try our best do do no harm for for the nature that surrounds us. We aim at being the leading snus tobacco company in Asia by 2022. 

 tigersnus asia tobacco company


At TIGERSNUS we believe in prodcuing locally sourced, as organically grown as possible snus tobacco of the highest quality. Our product, while not 100% hand-crafted, is produced using less machinery than many other big tobacco manufacturers. We also strive to minimize our negative environmental impact, and help tigers in Asia through our #SAVETHETIGERS program.