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organically grown snus bali

About Us

At Tigersnus, our vision is to create sustainable and environmentally friendly products that empower individuals to quit smoking.

About Us


At TIGERSNUS, our vision is to create sustainable and environmentally friendly products that empower individuals to quit smoking. We are deeply committed to offering high-quality smokeless alternatives while actively minimizing our environmental footprint and upholding organic integrity whenever possible.

Our steadfast belief is in producing smokeless products underpinned by a commitment to responsible business practices. By providing smokeless alternatives, we are actively contributing to the enhancement of public spaces and the establishment of smoke-free societies, thus ensuring that non-smokers are shielded from the detrimental effects of secondhand smoke.

About Us

Our story

In a world where the health of our planet stands at a critical juncture, our journey set sail from the heart of Indonesia. The visionary founders of TIGERSNUS astutely recognized the urgent need for a smokeless product capable of catalyzing a positive environmental and a socio-cultural public health transformation, while simultaneously reshaping attitudes and behaviors concerning health and the environment.

In response to this imperative, we envisioned an opportunity for Indonesian tobacco smokers to embrace a smokeless alternative, one not only enhancing the well-being of the society but also significantly mitigating the environmental impact linked to smoking and industrial cigarette production.

Situated in Indonesia, a nation steeped in a rich tradition of tobacco cultivation, TIGERSNUS has enjoyed unfettered access to some of the most prestigious tobacco varieties right from the inception of our journey.

The origins of the pioneering TIGERSNUS Organic Snus recipe can be traced back to 2016, and our official establishment in 2018 stands as a momentous milestone, solidifying our status as Indonesia's inaugural snus company.

About Us

The first product

Our first product, TIGERSNUS Organic Snus Tobacco, is organically crafted and distributed within Indonesia, and with a few select international retailers proudly featuring our esteemed organic offering. In 2023, we embarked on a new chapter, broadening our product range to include tobacco-free nicotine pouches and completely nicotine-free alternatives. We believe that the global shift towards banning cigarettes is just around the corner, and want to be in the forefront of leading this welcomed change. Presently, we stand as the paramount snus company in Indonesia, propelled by an unwavering commitment to global expansion and a steadfast determination to emerge as the premier provider of smokeless alternatives to ever come out of Asia.

Tigersnus Zero

In a watershed moment in 2023, we proudly unveiled our groundbreaking tobacco-free nicotine pouch product, TIGERSNUS ZERO, and TIGERSNUS PLUS, an entirely tobacco- and nicotine-free product. This revolutionary line of tobacco-free snus pouches represents our unwavering commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing smokeless alternatives to our valued customers globally.

About Us

Zero and Plus

Initially introduced in the discerning European market, TIGERSNUS ZERO and TIGERSNUS PLUS are available through select, well-established brick-and-mortar stores, online stores, and our own webshop, marking a major step in our international expansion journey. As we continue to make strides in this exciting direction, we are determined to reach more global markets, ensuring that individuals around the world can experience the benefits of our tobacco-free products.

We invite you to explore our comprehensive tobacco-free product range and to discover how TIGERSNUS ZERO and TIGERSNUS PLUS are redefining the landscape of smokeless alternatives, as we remain at the forefront of providing innovative, smoke-free choices for our diverse customer base.

About Us

Save the tigers

The tiger holds a special place in our ethos. As a symbol of strength, independence, commitment, and respect, the tiger resonates with our core values and philosophy. This majestic creature is not only a prominent element of Asian culture but also a guardian of the jungle.

Our founders share a profound connection to conservation and the natural world, motivating us to contribute to the protection of the remaining tiger populations and their natural habitats in Asian countries. Having witnessed the rapid decline of rainforests and tiger species worldwide within a single generation, we are driven to ensure that our smokeless products are not only sustainable and ethically produced but also give back to the land that sustains us.

About Us

Protect the environment

We believe in living in harmony with our community, environment, and its wildlife to achieve ultimate success. Whether nature is beautiful, awe-inspiring, or formidable, TIGERSNUS acknowledges the importance of respecting the land and environment in which we coexist and thrive. Our core values include a commitment to quality, respect, and transparency.

Let's make a change together.