About Us


At TIGERSNUS our vision is to create a sustainable and environmentally friendly tobacco product to help people quit smoking.

We want to offer tobacco smokers, not only in Indonesia and Asia, but world-wide the option to go smokeless with an organic and minimal environmental impact product.

We believe in bringing enjoyable snus products of superior quality to the Asian and international markets in a responsible way.

By providing products that are recognised as safer alternatives to cigarettes, we can contribute significantly to improved public health.


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Our story

With our planet’s health in decline, our story begins in Indonesia where our founders saw the need for ways to positively impact the environment and population by introducing a product that could change people’s behaviour and perception around health and the environment.

They saw a need for tobacco smokers to have a smokeless option that not only had a positive impact on their health and personal habits, but also had less environmental impact than smoking options.

Based out of Indonesia, a country with a long standing tobacco growing tradition, TIGERSNUS has access to the finest established tobacco varieties available. With hand picked leaves, the development of the original TIGERSNUS recipe began in 2014, and once the company was officially established in 2018, TIGERSNUS became the first Indonesian snus tobacco company.

TIGERSNUS' organic smokeless tobacco is now available for purchase internationally via our online shop, and from a variety of retailers as we are on our way to becoming the leading snus tobacco provider in Asia. 


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Based out of Indonesia, we are the first Indonesian snus tobacco company and the first certified organic smokeless tobacco producer. Being in Indonesia, a country with a very long tobacco growing tradition, we are able to produce TIGERSNUS out of some of the finest strains and hand-selected leaves.

We want to offer tobacco smokers, not only in Indonesia and in Asia, but world-wide, a healthier alternative to cigarettes and help them go smokeless. We believe that snus is a better option for you and the people around you than smoking is. We also give back to the local communities and try our best to do no harm for the nature that surrounds us. 

We are passionate about leading the way towards smokeless Asia, and about having a positive impact on people's health.



In 2023, we introduced a new tobacco-free product. Our TIGERSNUS ZERO tobacco-free nicotine pouches are available first in the European market from selected, well-established brick-and-mortar stores, with plans to expand the sales internationally. Learn more about our tobacco free product range at www.tigersnuszero.fi 




The tiger is our totem. Strong, independent, committed and demanding respect; we feel the tiger resonates with our ideals and philosophy. The tiger is the keeper of the jungle and a big, visible element and a part of Asian culture.

Our founders have a strong and personal connection to conservation and the natural world, and we want to do our part to help protect the remaining tiger populations and their natural habitat in Asian countries.

Having witnessed the extinction of tiger species around the world within one generation, we have a strong drive to ensure that our product is not only sustainable and ethically produced, but is also giving back to the land that provides for us. We believe in being in harmony with our community, environment and its animals to receive ultimate success.

No matter how beautiful, scary or powerful nature is, we at TIGERSNUS understand the need to respect the land and environment that we inhabit in order to coexist and flourish. We value commitment, quality, respect and transparency. Let's #SaveTheTigers together! 

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