What Is Snus?

What is Snus? Is it better than smoking?

Snus is a smokeless oral tobacco product originating from 18th century Sweden. It is widely being used around the Nordic countries and increasingly so around the world as smoking is becoming less and less popular.

Snus normally comes in the form of a small pouch which contains a ground, moist powder. It is used by placing the pouch under the top of the lip. After using, just dispose of the pouch. Snus can also be used in loose form without the pouch. 

There is no safe tobacco product and snus, like any other tobacco product, poses some risks to health. However, compared to many other tobacco products currently available, scientific evidence strongly suggests that the consumption of snus may be significantly less hazardous to your health than smoking.

Snus also, being a smokeless product, doesn't predispose other people for second hand smoke. Say you are a parent driving your car with your kids in the back seat, or an office worker in a busy open office, with snus, you can continue using tobacco without causing people around you having to inhale second hand smoke. Your lungs should also start clearing up and your breathing should improve once you kick off your smoking habit.



TIGERSNUS is organic and sustainable:

TIGERSNUS is grown organically in Indonesia, and all our ingredients to make our snus have been sourced from local established farms. From constantly finding ways to improve our product, sourcing locally, and using the most environmental friendly packaging we can, to producing TIGERSNUS using organic growing methods and selecting only the best leaves; we strive to offer a unique snus tobacco that sets us apart from other tobacco companies.

We currently sell pouched snus in three flavors: Original, Peppermint and Clove. The original flavor savours all the intricacies of the hand selected tobacco leaves, mixed with a hint of organic cacao. Peppermint flavour is our freshest tasting option, great for some uplifting exercise or office work , while the more spicy Clove (a spice originating from the Indonesian Spice Islands) suits a more mature taste and pairs nicely with coffees and whiskeys. 

Read more about our products , order some and taste the difference! 


tiger snus smokeless tobacco cigarette alternative


TIGERSNUS believes that:

Adult consumers who choose to use snus should, once appropriately informed about the health risks, have the opportunity to do so. We see snus as a great way for individuals to quit smoking, and as an opportunity for businesses and public venues such as restaurants to promote smoke free environments.

By choosing to be sustainable and to make organic and all-natural snus, we  strongly believe that the final product will be less harmful to its end user and our environment than tobacco farmed industrially or chemically enhanced products of other tobacco companies.

TIGER SNUS does not make any health benefiting claims about snus in its marketing. TIGERSNUS does not market snus, or any other tobacco product, to minors. 

We don't encourage non-users of tobacco to start using snus - but rather try and offer a smoke free alternative to those who already use tobacco.

We see snus as a smart alternative to smoking, and as a great way to quit smoking entirely for those already consuming tobacco products.

#GoSmokeless and organic with TIGERSNUS today!



At TIGERSNUS we believe in working with the local farmers who have years of experience in growing and selecting the best tobacco leaves possible.